Mitros Review - The worst and irresponsible company rude workers

Mitros - The worst and irresponsible company rude workers


Sends April 2018 I'm renting and studio by one of Mitros projects the administration sucks no one takes the responsibility for what they are responsible for.
I have my contract from 6th of April 2018 but they are asking money from 1st of April 2018 I complained about it 4 times call them but by no reason they sent me an incase after lots of struggle I mad it sure that they have no right on me for that extra 6 days to be paid .
Today I got another call from incaso company that I still have incaso that I need to pay and thats the administrative cost which Mitros asks for which I know its they're right and I'm ready to pay.but they have make it an incaso for me instead of making it regular pay and now I should pay 30Ç extra for incaso .but there are allot more going on in this damn company instead of making it easy for us to live they are making it more a chalange for me and I know for sure it comes all from the conversation which I had with one of there employees who was rude to me and I clearly told her to do what she can I have right to not pay extra.
Unfortunately even if I complain to police they are the winner so I just give up and pay the country where there are lots of rules to take your right but in my case its completely other side of the coin.

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